The (mis)Use of Pressure Treated Ties in Landscaping

   I see far too many examples of people and (so called) professionals using pressure treated ties for retaining walls and steps.  These are NOT designed to be used in the ground. If you read the warranty information on these materials, they specifically state (often in fine print) that they are only warranted for above ground applications.

   These ties are typically made from hemlock or spruce, which are soft woods. When used in this manner, the life expectancy is very low. I have personally been called in to replace these types of features as little as five years after they were originally laid. This is NOT a quality product when used in this manner. Remember... the cost of doing a project twice greatly exceeds the cost of doing it right the first time!

   Another important factor that few people are aware of, is that many of these pressure treated ties contain known carcinogenic preservatives. When these walls and steps fail (and they will), it's going to be a rather expensive proposition to dispose of them. They are considered to be hazardous waste.

   In comparison, a well laid, quality stone wall or steps will last virtually forever. However, there is a misconception among people that quality stonework isn't affordable. You might be surprised at how little difference in price there really is between something that will last five years, to something that looks a hundred times better... and lasts a hundred years longer.




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